East Northport locals dive in for a good cause

January 10, 2014 by  

The idea of going for a swim when the temperature is below freezing might not appeal to everyone but, on January 1, 250 people jumped into the chilly ocean at Steers Beach in Northport, all in the name of a good cause. The swimmers were participating in the New Year’s Day Polar Bear Swim.

The swim was the fifth annual event hosted by Boy Scout Troop 410. The goal of the swim is to support the Northport Food Pantry, which serves the areas of Northport, East Northport, and Centerport. It provides food year-round and helps people put holiday meals on their tables.

The Boy Scouts could use stationery printing to create certificates to give to all those who were brave enough to leap into the 37°F water.

Jumping into the water was not the only way people could help out; those who were not so comfortable going for a dip in the chilly weather could sign on to sponsor another swimmer for $5. Each person who went for the swim could have as many sponsors as they wanted. The troup accepted payments by PayPal and checks.

After getting out of the ocean, swimmers had the chance to warm up with hot chocolate and treats, donated by Copenhagen Bakery and Cafe. Another local company, Lewisy Fuel Oil, provided space heaters to help the swimmers warm up after their frigid dip. Due to the freezing temperatures, no one stayed in the water for longer than a few minutes.