Art workshops for children ahead

June 26, 2013 by  

Children can explore the world of art through a series of art workshops which will be held at the Heckscher Museum of Art near East Northport next month.

The workshops were inspired by the exhibits at the museum and will teach children ages 12 – 15 art history through the exploration of the works located in the galleries.

By creating their own artwork, they will also learn different techniques and skills. As the exhibits change over the course of the summer, the artwork will change as well.

Children will first see the art on display, discuss the concepts the artists may have been using with museum personnel, and then create their own works of art.

Workshops will be designed for all ages and will include materials such as printmaking, pastel drawing, watercolors, colored pencil, acrylic painting, collage, three-dimensional work, drawing and photography – so plenty of ideas to take to a local printing company afterwards for a professional looking copy.

Work will be completed in either the museum or Heckscher Park. The final day of each workshop will include an exhibition of the work for family and friends. All workshops are taught by museum staff and interns with a ratio of three children to each teacher.

At the conclusion of the workshops, students are hoped to have developed a sense of art appreciation, visual literacy, an understanding of artwork historically, art vocabulary, and an improvement on their oral communication skills.

The museum is located at 2 Prime Ave., Huntington. For more information call the museum at (631) 351-3250. The event runs from July 15 – 26.