Security issues to be addressed at seminar

April 22, 2013 by  

The Open Web Application Security Project (OWASP) Li Chapter will feature speakers Jack Mannino and Ken Johnson, and will be arriving at a venue only about half an hour away from Deer Park later this week.

The duo will speak on the issues of security in the Rails and Ruby ecosystem. In the search for more security in rails, a new rails application has been developed to align with the OWASP, and it is also to be used as a training tool for development of Rails based shops.

More than 100,000 Android applications were analyzed from public applications published on GitHub. Using open source programs allows the use of hundreds of intelligent ideas from developers that can be taken apart and reintegrated into applications, which are then applied to the specific problem.

Johnson, former manager of’s application security team, is primary developer for the Web Exploitation Framework. He also contributes regularly to security projects that are open source. He is currently the chief technology officer of nVisium Security, where Mannino also works as the chief executive officer.

Mannino is a security researcher for Android applications and prides himself on spotting large-scale security flaws, especially seeing as he founded the OWASP Mobile Security Project.

It takes place at the TIBCO Offices in Garden City at 6:30 pm this Thursday, April 25. TIBCO will provide the pizza and refreshments for participants. The offices are located at 200 Garden City Plaza, Garden City. Speaking of applications, digital business cards are the way to go to stay in touch with developers and designers for Android applications and Internet programs.