announces new Deer Park page

April 4, 2012 by  

On April 16th, Deer Park and North Babylon will be getting their very own page.

Residents and companies of North Babylon and Deer Park, respectively, will have a fresh means of accessing all the latest local news. Although both of these communities have been relying on the Babylon Village patch for updates, it would seem that the site decided that residents needed something more customized to their locations. As for the results, individuals need look no further than the Babylon Village Patch to see what these pages are capable of.

Besides the articles that people are likely already familiar with, the Patch sites include features that allow residents to get involved as well. Among the tasks readers can perform are event posting, video and picture uploading, and even the opportunity to run associated blogs. While this is undoubtedly useful for residents who want to get involved with the community, this is also a golden opportunity for Deer Park businesses.

While printing services like banner printing and poster printing are valuable to a local company trying to get its name out there, a Patch advertisement can help bring in a few extra clients; not to mention the possibilities that the site’s upload features represent.

When running a sale or otherwise trying to get some exposure, most businesses need a combination of strategies, both offline and online. At its essence, the new site has all the tools needed to be another powerful resource that Deer Park-based companies can use to generate more leads.