Dinner and seminar will keep professionals busy

March 14, 2012 by  

With meetings and a meet and greet taking place towards the end of the month, Deer Park business owners have a few options available to them in the coming weeks.

As a starting point, the Copiague Chamber of Commerce will be hosting a joint dinner with the Kiwanis Club on the 27th of March. While the networking opportunities are nothing less than tantalizing, this meet-up is important in that this is the last time chance people will have to make nominations. Currently sitting at a price of $30 per individual, the dinner is being held in Lindenhurst at Groccia D Oro Restaurant.

For those who are planning to make the trip, it’s worth noting that organizers are asking people to pay in cash. Although this isn’t being set up specifically as a place to network, it can’t hurt to come with a bit of business card printing in hand.

Taking place a few days after the General Meeting, a free dinner and seminar called “Meet Peter Costa” is being held early April at Hauppauge’s San Marco Ristorante. Headlining the dinner is New York Stock Exchange Governor Peter Costa. Although it hasn’t yet been decided whether or not this event is being booked for April 3rd or 4th, the rest of the details appear to be confirmed.

For business owners and professionals who are keeping an eye on this one, seating is limited. As such, advertisements and the site both encourage interested individuals to sign up as soon as possible.