Deer Park welcomes frozen trend

May 17, 2012 by  

At 24, Samantha Goldsmith is already a seasoned businesswoman. She just opened her seventh franchise yogurt shop, Red Mango, on Deer Park Avenue in the Sunset Plaza on Saturday, May 12.

Goldsmith opened her first Red Mango store at the ripe age of 22. The brand’s design and concept appealed to her but she is keen to emphasize that it was her fondness for the product that convinced her.

The location for Goldsmith’s latest yogurt venture was carefully selected. Goldsmith explained:

“It’s by schools, which is a big chunk of our demographic. Kids can have an after school snack that’s healthy and good for them.”

The area also has several personal care services such as tanning salons, hair care, and nail salons, which share a clientele similar to the one Goldsmith is interested in attracting. With many of her shops being situated on main roads, these would be prime locations for passers-by and motorists to spot any attractive poster or banner printing promoting her business.

Yo Go Wild and Yogurt Crazy, shops with offerings similar to Red Mango, have also found their way to the area. Goldsmith believes the development of a “yogurt alley” is positive for both consumers and shop owners. She’s also clear the competition doesn’t worry her, stressing her own brand’s strengths:

“It’s such a healthy brand. I always believe that the best man wins. We will have the best customer service possible and we value our customers greatly.”

Goldsmith plans to open at least three more stores in the next few years. She loves what she’s doing and communities like Deer Park love to see a new generation pursuing their business dreams with such happy enthusiasm.