Deer Park gets dancing

September 27, 2012 by  

Located near Deer Park, TC Diamond Arts Center started as a dance studio but, this summer, the business relocated to its present address at 354 Sunrise Highway in West Babylon. Having hosted a range of events this month in diverse fields like tapas, yoga, and an intriguing ‘Angry Cowgirl Night’, it has now expanded its classes and programming just in time to coincide with the start of current school year.

When Tiffany R, owner of TC Diamond Arts, heard the local school district needed to cut art and music programs from the budget, she decided to do something about the situation. The former Long Island Press started taking on arts teachers from school districts where programs had been cut. It was not long before the dance focus broadened into cultural arts.

Parents, teachers, and youths are not the only ones happy to see the establishment of TC Diamond Arts Center. A new business that concentrates on serving children is a great way to boost customer traffic in a designated area. Not only can it spur development of other opportunities like a dance wear outlet, it’s good for existing businesses as well. Whether it might be a retail clothing store, an ice cream shop, or a print company specializing in poster printing popular with today’s youth, commercial enterprises usually welcome a new family-oriented endeavor.

A recently as Tuesday, September 25, the class has four different dance sessions in one night. TC Diamond Arts has a website and Facebook page where dance-crazed locals can keep up to date on events.