Clifton Park to voice its approval

February 3, 2014 by  

The Clifton Park Idol Contest is coming round the ninth annual occasion and offers a singing competition for local participants. Banner and flyer printing were likely the method chosen to spread the word about this event to residents in this community, and attract people to have a go at claiming the title to be awarded at the end.

The largest part of the day involves a singing competition that integrates 30 local residents competing in two categories, based on age, as they try to impress the judges, win the hearts of the audience, and collect the title.

The audience is invited to come out and see which local residents can win the judges’ approval. There will also be games and activities, face painting, and clowns to entertain the children.

This competition is part of the annual Winterfest celebration and admission is free to spectators. It will be occurring this Saturday, February 8, starting at 11:00 am in Clifton Park, New York. To learn more about this competition, visit the Winterfest website or call the town of Clifton Park at 518-371-6667.

Please note that all contestants selected must reside in the community and will be performing after the community chorus, which will be entertaining on stage from 11:00 am to 11:45 am. Round one of the competition starts at 11:45 am, with round two commencing at 12:45 pm.