Suffolk Community College hosts two marketing workshops

April 4, 2012 by  

Suffolk Community College is giving Central Islip entrepreneurs a legitimate opportunity to learn the ins and outs of online-based marketing with workshops like “The Power of Email Marketing” and “Social Media Marketing Made Simple” tomorrow, April 5th.

Although the Internet has undoubtedly made a difference as far as marketing is concerned, things can change in an instant online. Since it’s easier to sell to past customers and it’s a strategy that doesn’t works independently of the trends, email marketing is largely considered a reliable means of generating fast sales.

In the upcoming morning workshop, business owners and entrepreneurs are invited to be at the Suffolk Community College Expo Center in Brentwood where they’ll be able to hear what Constant Contact’s Ellen DePasquale has to say about “The Power of Email Marketing”. Starting at 9:00 am, this free workshop is going to be filled with quality information.

Immediately after the email marketing workshop, Ellen DePasquale will also be presenting “Social Media Marketing Made Simple”. While a high quality website and some well-designed digital business cards can do a lot to generate a bit of exposure, social media is a great way to bolster a company’s online reputation.

During this workshop, DePasquale will be going through the basics of using social media to generate leads and be a valuable contributor as well as explaining how entrepreneurs can be sure to maximize their results.

With these seminars dovetailing each other nicely, Central Islip business owners have the option of attending two informative events in one day.