Shelters consolidate in Suffolk County

November 10, 2012 by  

One way to gauge the progress of clean-up efforts in the aftermath of a disaster is to track the number of emergency shelters that are open to house displaced families. The good news this week from Suffolk County is that officials announced nearly all of the shelters in the county are to be consolidated at St. Joseph’s College, situated 15 minutes from Central Islip in Patchogue.

In a statement issued from the office of County Executive Steve Bellone, about 80% of the residents housed in the county’s temporary shelters were there due to power outages. The latest shelter consolidation indicates the pressing need for emergency housing is diminishing – a good sign that power is being restored and families are returning to their homes.

Clothing, feeding, and housing thousands of people requires the cooperation of many sectors of the community, including the business sector. In the case of this storm, entities of all stripes, from the corner pizza restaurant keeping extended hours to the local print company turning out flyers on emergency help, businesses continue to make significant contributions to the comfort and safety of residents.

Suffolk County officials made note in their announcement that consolidating the emergency shelters into a couple of facilities will improve the services for those individuals and families that continue to need the basics.

The Department of Public Works, the Salvation Army, and the American Red Cross are working to consolidate remaining shelters. The emergency housing at St. Joseph’s College is located at 155 West Roe Blvd, in Patchogue.