Second rail line could bring more than trains

February 10, 2013 by  

Local and Long Island Railroad (LIRR) officials met in an informal meeting late last month to discuss what possibilities the future LIRR development had for the area.

Officials hope that the second railroad line that has been proposed between Ronkonkoma and Farmingdale will bring more than just trains to Farmingdale, located just 17 miles to the east of Central Islip.

When projects such as the proposed second railway line in Farmingdale present an opportunity for commercial and economic growth, area businesses, including local print companies, may be looking at an increase in business. As new companies, restaurants and other stores move into the area as a result of the project, existing businesses are likely to witness an increase in their own businesses. Area printing companies are likely to be called upon to provide a variety of printing services to new businesses that locate in the area, including business card printing, postcard printing, and catalog printing.

The informal meeting to discuss the possibilities of commercial growth in the area included Anthony D. Macagnone, who is the Oyster Bay councilman; Mayor Ralph Ekstrand; Joseph Belesi from R-Farmingdale; Nassau Legis; and Helena Williams, who is the president for the Long Island Railroad.

Mayor Ekstrand reports that a ‘Transit Oriented Development’ would naturally be the result of the expanded amount of service along the new line. This type of development is an area designed for the commercial and residential development to maximize public transportation access and economic growth. This would likely bring a number of new jobs to the area, including construction and retail jobs.