Parcel of land rezoned to accommodate food plant

March 18, 2013 by  

A parcel of land in Central Islip has been rezoned in order to expedite its sale to Whitsons Culinary Group, a private company that has plans to open a food processing and distribution plant on the parcel.

The zoning change was unanimously given the ‘thumbs up’ at a meeting of the town board earlier this month after recommendations were made by the Islip planning board. The approved plans will allow Whitsons Culinary Group, based in Islandia, to start negotiating with the state of New York to purchase the 12,9 acre piece of property.

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Whitsons Culinary Group has plans to spend approximately $15m to make renovations to a building located on the parcel at Courthouse and Eastview Drives. The building once housed a food distribution facility that was run by the state for the Central Islip State Hospital, which has been closed for some time now. Ralph Perna, the representative for Whitsons in the transaction, reported that the zoning transition was made to a PPD Industrial/Warehouse from a PPD Municipal, and it will permit the state to ask for appraisals of the property. He stated that his company is going through all of the processes right now.