Buffalo residents enjoy art fair

September 25, 2013 by  

On Saturday, September 8, Buffalo, New York residents enjoyed the third annual Echo Art Fair, held at the city’s downtown Central Library. Despite a drizzling rain, fair attendees were quick to praise the event’s new location, in part of the library that once held computers and books.

The fun began outside, where a banner by Max Collins advertising the show hung opposite a piece by Scott Bye comprised of wooden pallets, fanned out to resemble a deck of cards. ‘Book Wurm’, a snake-like installation comprising hundreds of pieces of paper, was mounted beside the escalators, leading visitors to a point from which they considered Jeremy Holmes’s sculpture, made of shaped wood.

The second floor was home to an unusual installation in which a group of people dressed as lab technicians in sunglasses and white coats was surrounded by metal racks full of crinkled receipts. The scene was by artist Liz Rywelski and was her comment on America’s obsession with shopping. From there, visitors entered the main part of the fair, taking in dozens of works of sculpture, painting, and art installations.

Artists, gallery owners, and dealers all met potential customers and explained the works to them. There were also a number of discussion panels held throughout the two-day event.

Fair organizers could work with brochure printers to create a mailing piece to attendees, pointing out the fair’s highlights and inviting them to return next year, now that it appears to have settled in a popular location.