Buffalo residents discussing zoning ordinances April 10th

April 4, 2012 by  

If the flyer printing that’s likely making the rounds hasn’t made it clear already, the city of Buffalo has an incredibly productive April ahead of its residents and the mayor. With an open discussion on the new zoning laws and the progress being made by the Buffalo Green Code starting the month.

Taking place April 10th with a set time of 6:30pm, business owners and residents are encouraged to attend an upcoming meeting where individuals are going to be able to hear about how the next stage of the Buffalo Green Code has progressed and is now resulting in changes to the current zoning laws.

After seeking the advice of qualified consultants with respect to the ordinances as presently constructed, the city was able to determine that alterations were needed in order to better ensure Buffalo’s sustainability as a market, a leader in environmentally friendly practices, and a place to live.

Although the new arrangement is going to result in some fundamental modifications, business owners and other local professionals stand to benefit from the positive impact that the zoning laws will have on the community’s economy as a whole. Byron W. Brown, the Mayor of Buffalo, is going to be giving the presentation at Erie Community College City Campus where he will then also be hearing people’s opinions on the new and improved zoning ordinances.

As far as open meetings go, this is one of those situations where both residents and local businesses have a vested interest in seeing the new measures work out. If nothing else, it never hurts to be informed.