Murray Hill celebration to showcase three foodie favourites

December 11, 2018 by  

Chocolate, whiskey, and wine are many people’s perfect combination, and an event featuring all three will be taking place near Murray Hill, offering a decadent experience for those who are age 21 and over.

This year’s celebration will bring together both the sweet and the savory, and it will be paired with wines and whiskeys to create tasty combinations. Guests can enjoy unlimited tastings, and there will be lots of time for them to mix and mingle while they sample everything on offer.

Artisan chocolates and truffles rolled by hand will be on offer, and a special chocolate fondue bar will also be included in the celebration. Premium wines, including champagne and prosecco, will be on ice, and fine whiskeys will be available for the attendees to try. A variety of pastries and other baked goods will be on offer, and those with a taste for the savory side can enjoy artisan cheeses, pretzels, and a well-stocked charcuterie board.

Each of the ticket holders will be given their very own custom tasting glass to use during the function and then take home with them afterwards.vItems like this can be crafted by a printer using professional graphic design techniques.

This occasion, which has been set for March 9, will be held in the Brooklyn EXPO Center. Both general and VIP tickets are being sold for the occasion.