Murray Hill area event to focus in sustainability

May 24, 2017 by  

Murray Hill residents who are interested in finding ways to make their community a more sustainable place are invited to join with others who share their interest during an event that will raise both funds and awareness of the issue.

BkMSCC has organized a Walk for Sustainability, which will see people from all across the city come together in a spirit of community. They can join the function as an individual, family or team, and a variety of incentives – from customized T-shirts that have been printed with a special graphic design, to gift cards and much more – are being offered depending on how much money the person or group is able to collect.

The organizers of the day have also put out a call for volunteers who will be needed to fill a variety of positions, and an affiliate vendor program has also been arranged. The monies raised through the day will be used to help meet the costs of the event, and a portion will also be donated to the Saratoga Brooklyn Public Library. The remainder will be used to support the BkMSCC’s initiatives throughout the community. Banners and other items for a public awareness walk such as this can be supplied by a locally based printing company.

The Walk for Sustainability will be held on July 23 in Linden Park on Vermont Street in Brooklyn. More information can be obtained through its Crowdrise listing.