ONLC Training Centers schedules Photoshop classes in Bohemia

January 10, 2013 by  

For people looking to get to grips with photo editing and producing, or brushing up on their skills, the ONLC Training Centers has scheduled several Adobe Photoshop classes in Bohemia over the next few months.

Photoshop is a computer application designed for use with photography imaging processes. It allows images to be enhanced and modified and is used worldwide by photography professionals and amateurs alike. Web designers and graphic artists also use the software to manipulate online images.

Classes are scheduled for beginners as well as on an advanced level, so attendees can choose the course that is best suited for their current skill levels. The training also provides necessary learning in preparation for the Adobe Certified Expert (ACE) certification.

Photoshop CS6 Introduction and Advanced two-day courses are scheduled once per month beginning in February through May. Photoshop CS5 Introduction and Advanced classes are scheduled once per month beginning at the end of January through May.

Photoshop skills are necessary for anyone involved in using images in projects such as flyer printing. Flyers often contain images and it is important they are high resolution and reflective of the company sponsoring the flyer.

Catalog printing also entails using many images, so print companies frequently use Adobe Photoshop in preparing catalogs. Through the software, the images can be resized, cropped, and manipulated to fit in the designated spaces within the catalog. Many print professionals study this software to enhance their skills.

The instructor-led classes will be held at the ONLC Training Centers located at 80 Orville Dr, Bohemia, NY in suite 100. For more information, visit the website or call 1-800-288-8221.