Magic the Gathering for Gamers

June 9, 2012 by  

On Sunday, June 10th, the Island Gamers Club will be presenting “Magic the Gathering” at the Island Gamer’s Club located at 1650 Sycamore Avenue, Suite 5, in Bohemia, New York. This gaming event will begin at 1:00 pm and run until 3:00 pm.

Have you ever had the desire to learn how to play “Magic the Gathering”? If so, the Island Gamer’s Club is just the place to do it. All guests need to do is bring their own deck of manufacturer’s cards and the group will teach you how to play it. For guests who already play this game, the club has a number of experienced members that will accept new challenges against new, more experienced players. This fun event promises guests an exciting day of learning and accepting challenges.

The Island Gamer’s Club is a family-friendly group that is open to anyone who enjoys playing games and would like the opportunity to meet new people. Organizers, Annie and Danny, have experience selecting, developing, and evaluating various programs that are offered to the public school system as well as privately through this club. The Island Gamer’s Club was created so that both members and guests would feel at home, have the opportunity to develop face-to-face social skills, and building lifelong friendships.

Flyer printing and poster printing may have been through local printing companies for advertising this event. Admission to this gaming afternoon is $10 per person. For additional information about this exciting game event, please visit the Island Gamer’s Club website, or call Annie or Danny at 631-319-1584.