Joey Kola appearing at McGuire’s Comedy Club

May 29, 2012 by  

This Friday and Saturday, June 1 – 2, Joey Kola will make a special appearance at McGuire’s Comedy Club located at 1627 Smithtown Avenue in Bohemia, New York. His performance on both evenings will begin at 7:30 pm with an additional 10:00 pm performance being held on Saturday evening.

Joey Kola is a stand-up comedian who has been entertaining audiences now for more than 28 years. In his career, he has performed in front of thousands of people in England, Canada, and the continental United States. He is a high-energy performer who specializes in fast delivery and timely punch lines and is often referred to as the “Comedy Freight Train” of entertainers. After having spent many years working various colleges, casinos, cruise ships, and comedy clubs, he made appearance on The Tonight Show, Late Night with Letterman, The King of Queens, Comedy Central and many other television shows, always keeping his audiences holding their sides with laughter.

Guests who attend this show will find Kola’s comedy to be some of the best around. Sometimes his deliveries are clean, other times they are a bit more adult-oriented. He has an endless repertoire of action-packed jokes and routines which the audience will want to view first hand.

Tickets for this hilarious comedian cost between $22 and $52 per person depending on seating selection. The doors open at 6:30 pm. Stationery printing services may have been used to promote this comedian and ensure a strong turnout. For more information on this event, please visit McGuire’s website or call them at 631-467-5413.