Business and food event sticks out on calendar

November 10, 2013 by  

The Asian Cultural Festival and Business Networking Event, TeaLicious Chopsticks Festival, will take place in Capital in New York next week, just a few miles from Bohemia.

The TeaLicious Chopsticks Corporation hosts the event, which is one of the largest of its kind in New York City. Introducing a unique form of networking for the business community, the event integrates a festival environment into the business presentation platform.

The festival will feature Asian food specialties, cultural centric performances, and professional speakers from a real of industries including technology, internet marketing, and finance.

Anticipated attendance this year is approximately 2,000 guests.

TeaLicious Chopsticks is the event planning department of the Asian Business Network. The entity hosts many network socials and educational and training courses.

Connecting Asian entrepreneurs and business professionals with non-Asian people is a specialty of the organization. The purpose is to develop and nurture relationships with in the Asian business market incorporating culture and cuisine into the partnership opportunities.

Business card printing is a frequent project for local print companies. Individuals within the corporate environment exchange business cards at every opportunity, including networking events. There are many options for business cards, ranging from simple and expensive to elaborate and formal.

For more information, visit the TeaLicious Chopsticks website or peruse the Asian Business Network site to learn about the benefits and business efforts of the organization.

The event takes place November 15 beginning at 6:00 pm at 130 Bowery. Tickets are $59.00 to attend the festival.