Rhythmic start to May in Bellerose

April 24, 2013 by  

Mother’s Day in Bellerose can be celebrated by attending the Jersey Rhythms Musical Bonanza.

Hosted by the Tamil Nadu Foundation, Inc., the event will take place on at the beginning of May. Jersey Rhythms was founded five years ago and features Indian popular music with a performing orchestra and top singers and instrumentalists.

As the only multi-lingual Indian band in North America, Jersey Rhythms supports fundraising projects and has appeared at many live shows, as well as small parties and corporate events. The music includes Tamil, Hindi, and Teugu songs dating back to the 1960s through to pop songs of current day.

Often, printing companies will work with musical entities in providing print materials for events. Banner printing is a common order so that the banners can be hung on buildings or between posts to announce the upcoming event, as well as direct attendees to appropriate areas.

Queens High School of Teaching, the venue for the event, is a different type of school, as its goal is to develop diverse learners into future leaders. Small learning communities are created to work with students in creating goals through differentiated instructions, so that they can learn and contribute at their highest potential.

The school hosts many cultural and academic programs throughout the year and encourages its student population to attend. Attendance at cultural and ethnic events develops understanding, knowledge, and interest in global activities.

Tickets for the Jersey Rhythms Bellerose event can be purchased online via the event website. It takes place May 4, beginning at 5:30 pm.