Queens Chamber of Commerce offering sponsorship opportunities for 2011 Building Awards

December 24, 2011 by  

With Queens located less than a 20 minute drive away from Bellerose, the sponsorship opportunities provided by the Chamber of Commerce are worth looking into.

While most members of the business community are likely somewhat familiar with how the Chamber allows businesses to host and sponsor events as well as buy advertising space in newsletters and journals. Well, things have gone a step further now that companies are being given a chance to sponsor the 2011 Building Awards that are taking place January 29th, 2012. The Chamber’s official website currently has these opportunities listed as follows:

“Platinum Sponsor – $10,000 (one only)

15 Tickets, Back Cover of Journal, Award Presenter, Opportunity to give greetings/remarks, Pictures & Stories. Distribution of marketing materials or giveaways
Gold Sponsor – $5,000

6 Tickets, Award Presenter, Pictures & Stories. Distribution of marketing materials or giveaways. Inside Cover of Awards Journal

Silver Sponsor – $2,500
4 Tickets, Award Presenter, Promotions, Pictures & Stories. Full Page ad in Awards Journal

Bronze Sponsor – $1,250
2 Tickets, promotions, pictures & stories. Full Page ad in Awards Journal.”

To enjoy the perks associated with these sponsorship levels, businesses will need the printing services of local firms at some point or another. After all, getting a chance to distribute promotional material to a large segment of the business community isn’t something that happens every day. Starting with brochure printers and moving on to the possibility of business card printing, flyer printing, or poster printing, there are a wide range of printing products that sponsors can display and distribute.