Family Field Day on the way in Bellerose

June 9, 2013 by  

Bellerose-based Cross Island YMCA in New York will be holding its Family Field Day on this summer, attempting to address the reality that, between jobs, cars, mortgages, taxes, and a huge number of other responsibilities, adults often lack the time necessary to pursue fun and interesting hobbies.

The Family Field Day is a stellar way for teens, adults, and other older family members to rekindle their spirit of play. The whole family will be involved in a number of different outdoor activities, giving everyone a chance to relax and have some fun, all while working out and getting into better shape. In all, this Family Field Day event promises to be a great way to get Nassau County residents on their feet and out having fun.

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The website for the Cross Island YMCA has information about this Bellerose event as well as other upcoming activities. August 18, 2013. The event will begin promptly at 11 AM. To find out more about the event, contact Jennifer Young at 718-551-9326 or visit the event’s Facebook page. The Cross Island YMCA website has a list of other activities extending right through to October of this year.