Events for Bellerose professionals to attend

March 14, 2012 by  

Whether looking to learn about the latest technology designed for businesses or for a chance to hear about perception and investing from the other side, Bellerose entrepreneurs have options.

Taking place one after the other, things kick off with the New York City Cloud Intelligence Conference on the 20th March. Starting in the morning at 7:00 am and going all the way until 6:00 pm, business owners and entrepreneurs are getting a rare opportunity to learn all about the latest tech solutions that Microsoft has to offer businesses. More than that, however, what makes this conference so worthwhile is the fact that these modules will be covering more technical topics in-depth.

Complete with time set aside specifically for the purpose of networking, this is an event that all professionals able to make the trip should consider. However, it’s worth pointing out that business card printing and brochures are going to be needed here.

A couple days later on the 22nd, business owners have another event to attend. With the chosen venue being the John Deco Lofts Lounge in New York, Business Builders will be headlined by talks being given by experts in the fields of Investment and Public Relations.

While the relationship between the two fields may seem tenuous at first glance, this practical subject matter for business owners. After all, success often depends on how customers view the company and financing is something companies can’t do without. With the price set at $40, those who are interested in attending shouldn’t hesitate to call in.