Bellerose to vote on new business

May 17, 2012 by  

According to Mayor Henry Schreiber, the Village of Bellerose is poised to welcome a new business. The approval and permitting process for the venture, which has been underway for almost six months, is about to wrap-up at the end of May.

Schreiber’s March message noted that owners of the vacant building on Jericho Parkway, which once housed Best Ford, made a presentation to Village board members this past December. At that meeting, the owners proposed a redevelopment of their property to accommodate a Dollar Tree Store at the location.

By April, the proposed plan, including site sketches approved by the Village’s Architectural Review Committee, was set for a public hearing. Representatives of the Dollar Tree along with the owners’ agent answered questions and addressed issues raised by interested citizens and board members.

Mayor Schreiber described the hearing as “orderly, responsive, and informative”. He credited the Village’s open process and previous efforts to get out information to the public. A final decision on the project will be voted on by Village board members at their scheduled meeting on May 21.

If all goes as planned, Bellerose residents will have another shopping option in the near future, and the Village budget will see a boost in sales tax revenues.

The Bellerose business community can also look forward to the new store’s opening. Retail outlets like Dollar Tree are potential customers for other merchants. Local companies that do large-scale flyers, brochures, catalogs, and business card printing always look forward to a general merchandise store locating nearby.

Given the positive impact on the Village, it’s no wonder Mayor Schreiber is keeping Dollar Tree’s development in the spotlight.