Bellerose residents get taste of showbiz

September 20, 2012 by  

Residents of Bellerose no longer have to make a trip into Manhattan to catch some Hollywood glitz. Recently, television glamor came to nearby Floral Park thanks to CBS, when the network did some location filming in the village for an episode of ‘The Good Wife’ that will air this Sunday, September 23.

This past June, the crew and cast of the popular series filmed at the Floral Park village hall for the program installment entitled, ‘I Fought the Law’. The show has filmed in the village in the past and the experience was a positive one for all parties.

Floral Park Village Clerk Susan Walsh recalls:

“Last August [2011], The Good Wife was here on Covert Avenue and we had to close Covert Avenue. The scene that aired was all of five seconds. Frankly CBS was a pleasure to work with…”

The village has a streamlined permitting system that allows for one application to access all relevant departments within jurisdiction – a feature greatly appreciated by movie and television location managers. Walsh confirmed:

“I feel that the reason they came back to Floral Park is simply because we have all our own resources to tap into.”

Communities vie for the opportunity to be location shoots for the economic and publicity boost that comes from hosting casts and filming crews. For a local eatery, it can mean a few days with extra customers while a printing company might anticipate last-minute copying needs for such documents as shooting scripts.

For area residents as well as municipal officials, there is also the thrill that comes from seeing the town name highlighted in the screen credits, not to mention the possibility of being up-close to a favorite celebrity.