Panel speech to give food for thought

March 29, 2013 by  

April starts with ‘Tracking, the Foodopoly, and our Future’, featuring experts from the food and water panel as they speak on today’s food system and energy management policies.

The public is invited to come out and learn more about today’s popular topics, so it can understand the effects on the environment and the food chain. Poster printing has probably been used used to promote this educational panel to the people in this area.

Today, food and water are hot topics of discussion and, during this panel speech, people will learn and come to understand how the “big push” for the development of natural gas works, and how it has effectively deteriorated the food system.

The panelists who will be speaking include Cindy Zipf, who is an Executive Director at Clean Ocean Action; J. Stephen Cleghorn, who is a PHD at Paradise Gardens and Farm LLC; Dean Nelson, from Dean’s Natural Food Market; and Wenonah Hauter, who is Executive Director of the Food and Water Watch and author of the book ‘Foodopoly’.

This panel is very informative and is open to any questions the audience may have. The committee hosting this panel includes WATERSPIRIT, Tina Weishaus, Robert Scardapane, and Rosemary Parish. A copy of ‘Foodopoly’ can be purchased at River Road Books or the theater.

This discussion is free to everyone and a reception with light hors d’oevres will be served before the panel discussion begins. The talk will be held on Thursday, April 4, beginning at 6:00 pm at the Two Rivers Theatre in Red Bank, only a short distance from Wall Township.