Olympics and Hunger Games Increase Interest in Archery

April 28, 2012 by  

A New Jersey store has stated that sales for bows and arrows has increased rapidly. The owner believes that the increased interest in archery is due to the movie “The Hunger Games” and the upcoming Olympics.

Management staff at the store joked that bows were for sale to serious archers and girls who saw the movie. One of the characters in the film is named Katniss, and she uses bows and arrows when she fight. The character seems to resonate with young girls. As a result, more tweens and teenage girls are taking up archery.

Archery stores have seen their sales double due to the movie. In fact, some training courses are now offering classes to younger children. Many archery training companies have had to increase the frequency of their classes to accommodate new archers.

Companies that sell bows, arrows and archery classes can increase their sales further by launching a small marketing campaign. Movies like “The Hunger Games” do not come along very often. Very few movies inspire people to take up a sport. Due to this, businesses may want to capitalize on the increased interest in archery. A simple and affordable way to do this is to use printing services to make up flyers and brochures. This promotional material can be distributed in areas where children, tweens and teens can see them. For example, NJ companies could distribute them at schools in areas like Wall Township. The more young people that see these advertisements, the more sales the stores will have.