NJ opthamologist offering wrinkle reduction treatments

May 28, 2012 by  

Dr. Barry Edison, of Barry Edison Ophthalmology, recently announced that his business will now be performing Pelleve wrinkle reduction treatments. This new technology can deliver long-term anti-aging benefits.

Edison discovered Pelleve at a medical conference where, at the time, he was looking for safe alternatives to face lift surgery. Patients are fond of this treatment as it is affordable. Dr. Edison believes that it is an ideal solution for people who want to reduce wrinkles without taking time off their schedules for surgery. Many patients enjoy the spa-like experience that comes with the treatment. In fact, some even claim that it feels like a relaxing massage.

Introducing this treatment is likely to be a good move for the company. As many clinics do not offer this service, people may be willing to travel a fair distance to get the treatment. This will result in the clinic generating a lot more business if customers are made aware of the new technique.

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