Mysterious start to the NJ weekend

October 24, 2013 by  

The Hitman Murder Mystery event is being sponsored by the Tranquil Garden Tea Room, the new home of All Hitman Murder Mysteries, and will provide the audience with an opportunity to enjoy an interactive murder mystery while enjoying a fun-packed Friday evening.

There is likely to be plenty of interaction between the actors and the audience; not only during the performance but also during intermissions. A few selected people from the audience will be invited to participate in the performance.

The show is set at the Teahouse Blue back in the spring of 1958, which was a somewhat run-down hangout for art enthusiasts. There, an artist is murdered and the boyfriend, a poet, is blamed for it, but questions arise over whether it was really him that committed the murder. The audience will be fed the evidence and ask to help solve the mystery. Also around to help the audience and the actors solve this mystery is a psychic gypsy by the name of Crystal Ball. Dinner will be “homemade elegant fare” according to the event’s website, so stomachs should be kept just as happy as brains.

Tickets for this event, the likes of which often require assistance from catalog and brochure printers, cost $50 per person, and it will be held tomorrow, October 25, at 7:00 pm at the Tranquil Garden Tea Room located at 62A Main Avenue in Ocean Grove, New Jersey, which is only a short drive from Wall Township. To learn more, or to purchase tickets, please visit All Hitman Murder Mysteries website or call 732-768-2709.