Monmouth County Fair in full swing

July 27, 2012 by  

With both the Monmouth County Fair and the Thursday Morning Networking Club, these last few weeks are sure to have been eventful for Wall Township printing companies. In light of all the activities that are expected to be incorporated within these events, residents and professionals clearly have quite a bit to look forward to as well.

With rides, food, and plenty of games among other things, the Monmouth County Fair is undoubtedly one of the biggest events of the summer. Having begun earlier this week, on July 25, the Fair is expected to wrap up on Sunday. Interestingly enough, the sheer variety of attractions that have been planned for this event have ensured that a number of printing services are likely to be needed. Since the County Fair will be featuring animals, vendors, stunts, and car shows to complement the rides, it will be surprising if flyer printing, banner printing, and poster printing are not required at some point.

Priced at $7 for everyone over the age of 13, while kids get in free, there is something to be said for putting in an appearance here.

For professionals who are looking for an opportunity to put their business cards to use this summer, the Thursday Morning Networking Club is an option to consider. Put simply, this is a legitimate chance for Wall Township entrepreneurs to get more referrals throughout the year. With the first August meet-up taking place on August 2 and continuing weekly from there, popping in and see what this group is like will not do any harm.