Classes running to dance with the Bears

December 20, 2012 by  

Coming to its conclusion this weekend, the ‘Dancing Bears Music Class’ is designed for children between the ages of six weeks and four years. It follows child development recommendations from researchers that foster family style and natural learning for younger children who enjoy mimicking the actions of older children. Poster printing may have been the chosen method to promote this class to parents in this community.

This class is designed to allow several children from one family the chance to enjoy classes together, although each child learns at their own level when it comes to listening, chanting, exploring, moving, and singing along with musical instruments. No matter which adult in the family brings the children, they are sure to enjoy this musical experience, although everyone in the entire family is more than welcome to attend.

The class includes an interactive DVD, a CD, and a small tote. The class lasts for approximately 45 minutes and will develop language skills, listening, problem solving, and confidence, as well as working on social skills by interacting with so many other children. The environment is very nurturing, and the class is energetic, with lots of imaginative play and dancing.

This demonstration class is free attend and is taking place every day until Sunday, December 23, from 9:30am to 5:00 pm at Dancing Bears Music located at 804 Bay Avenue in Point Pleasant Beach, New Jersey, a short drive from Wall Township. To register, please visit Dancing Bears Music’s website or call their office at 848-466-0892.