2012 Wall Fair begins this week

June 26, 2012 by  

With the 2012 Wall Fair coming up, along with news that a local networking group is looking to accept more members, residents of Wall Township have quite a bit to be excited about from both a personal and a professional standpoint.

As a case in point, Wall Township’s printing companies have probably lent a hand in the preparation leading up to the 2012 Wall Fair. Beginning this Thursday, June 28th, and going all the way until Sunday, there will be no shortage of activities and events for the whole family to enjoy. According to Patch.com, the fair is going to include sky divers, crafts, carnival rides, fireworks, food, games, and even a helicopter. Put simply, there will be something available for everyone here. When the fact that the fair is free to attend is also taken into account, the appeal of the 2012 Wall Fair to residents becomes all the more clear.

Meanwhile, local professionals have more options for their networking efforts with the Thursday Morning Networking Club stating that it is now open to new members. Careful to start things off on a solid foundation, this group stresses the fact that it is only looking for professionals who have demonstrated a commitment to quality. From there, the networking club works by exchanging referrals and discussing ideas. What helps effectively eliminate the possibility of competition between members is the fact that this is a one-member-per-category club.

With the networking club currently looking for an accountant, a florist, and an electrician among other professions, this is a group well worth considering.