Shakespeare Theater announces 2012 line up

January 24, 2012 by  

The Shakespeare Theater of New Jersey has just hit its 50th birthday. Today, the theater is still going strong. Administrators recently released a list of shows that will be on in the 2012 season.

The shows will run from May to December. They include plays written by William Shakespeare as well as some other world classics. People who are interested in booking shows can now order advance tickets. Some of the plays included in this year’s line-up are Henry IV (Part One), The Liar, The Comedy of Errors and Oliver Twist.

As very few theaters will play all of these shows in 2012, the Shakespeare Theater is bound to be very popular. People who are coming in from towns like Turnersville and Northvale should ensure that they book early. Some audience members may want to make a night of it and book dinner at a local restaurant. Those coming in from other towns will generally book accommodation. This means that these plays are good for several types of New Jersey businesses, including the print shops.

Most establishments that put on plays will need to utilize printing services at some point. Generally these companies print brochures, flyers and booklets for specific shows. Using brochures and flyers is an affordable way to promote specific shows to the community. Having an affordable marketing campaign is essential as some shows may not do as well as anticipated. Companies who need to print documents on a regular basis should consider asking for a discount. Most printing companies are willing to make arrangements with regular customers on bulk orders.