NJ Students Taught the Importance of Financial Literacy

April 28, 2012 by  

The New Jersey Department of Banking and Insurance is teaching teenagers the importance of financial literacy. The representative of the organization spoke at a NJ school. He stated that the subject of financial literacy is just as important as English, math or science.

Studies have shown that the financial behaviors people learn while they are young will follow them into adulthood. The NJ Department of Banking and Insurance believes that being knowledgeable about this subject will lead to financial success.

The Department of Education is developing a program to teach teenagers financial skills. These programs will eventually be available to students in NJ towns like Turnersville. Students who take these classes will learn about how credit cards work, creating a budget and how to avoid identity theft.

Schools and organizations that want to teach these life skills to children may want to think about how they will deliver this information. Some schools have has success with using printing services to create brochures and leaflets. Schools that do this can hand out brochures after lectures or classes. Students can then take the information home with them and look at it in their own time. This allows students who are distracted in class the opportunity to learn the information at home. Research has shown that many children learn their financial habits from their parents. Providing them with knowledge on how to manage their finance will give them insights which they may not have learned at home.