New Jersey dentists use social networking to market their services

December 29, 2011 by  

Currently there are over 500 million active users on Facebook. Dentists all over the nation have decided to make the most of this by marketing online. In fact surveys have shown that over 60% of dentists use social media for commercial purposes.

Dentists have used the technology in various ways. Some confirm their bookings online while others send reminders for check-ups to current patients. Some dentists have gone as far as having online competitions to attract customers. For example some businesses have given away gas cards, iPads and teeth whitening procedures to those who put their name in the draw. It is also worthwhile noting that many businesses have paid for advertising on this website.

Social networking is too widespread to ignore. Businesses who do not utilize the marketing opportunities that this phenomenon offers them are doing themselves a disservice. That being said dentists should not ignore traditional marketing and advertising methods. Some people simply do not have the computer skills to access Facebook. For example an elderly woman living in Turnersville will appreciate a brochure in the mail more than an email. Due to this it is important to use printing services as well as online marketing techniques. Businesses who are unsure of how to set up a marketing plan should consider hiring an advertising agency. Advertising professionals will be able to find individually tailored solutions for small businesses. Those who do not have the funds for this can read ebooks on marketing online.