James Moody Democracy of Jazz Festival opens October 2012

March 29, 2012 by  

New Jersey will be hosting a jazz festival in October of this year, when the James Moody Democracy of Jazz Festival is presented by the New Jersey Performing Arts Center.

This is the first large jazz festival in Newark for over 15 years and it’s set to take place on October 15th – 21st and feature stars such as the Manhattan Transfer, George Benson, and Terence Blanchard. As the event features prominent musicians event, organizers expect lots of attendees to come from out of town. Local NJ residents who live in townships such as Turnersville are also likely to book tickets. This is good news for event organizers, restaurants and hotels in the area.

With events like these, it’s important to publicize them as far and wide as possible to ensure the venue is fully booked. Event organizers will usually try to generate more ticket sales by launching a simple yet effective marketing campaign. One of the simplest and most affordable ways to do this is to use printing services such as flyers, poster printing and even brochures. This promotional material can be placed in places like visitors centers, travel agency stores, on noticeboards and on public walls. Organizers can also arrange for staff to hand them out on busy streets so local residents know exactly when and where the event is taking place.

Those who have an interest in jazz music or simply want a fun night out will enjoy this great October event.