Camden County 4-H Fair begins August 3

July 27, 2012 by  

Between the Camden County 4-H Fair and the Blackwood Farmers’ Market, Turnersville residents have at least a couple of fun and family-oriented events for which to plan in the coming weeks.

Things kick off fairly early in August with the Camden County 4-H Fair taking place from August 3 – August 5. Starting in the morning at 10:00 am in nearby Berlin Township, this three day event is expected to include games, a car show, food, live music, animals, and even a cook-off. Put simply, it looks set to be a major highlight of the summer. With turnout expected to number in the thousands, this event already looks likely to be a good time for everyone. In any case, it definitely cannot hurt for residents of Turnersville to consider making the drive out for the Fair.

Speaking of events that have been organized with the community in mind, the Blackwood Farmers’ Market is another opportunity to bear in mind. Bright and early as well, with a start time of 8:30 am, the sheer amount of goods that can be had at low prices is cause for excitement. According to advertisements, fruits and vegetables, crafts, baked items, jewelry, and wine are just some of the products that sellers will be offering. Though the last July date is tomorrow, July 28, it is worth pointing out that there is still a whole month’s worth of weekly markets in store.

Simply due to the nature of the Farmers’ Market and the Camden County 4-H Fair, it seems a foregone conclusion that printing companies will have been contacted for various printing services.