Residents of Toms River invited to take part in study

May 11, 2013 by  

People who live in Toms River will be invited to enroll to take part in a Cancer Prevention Study on June 11.

This is just one of the dates provided for anyone across New Jersey who is interested in helping the American Cancer Society and Barnabas Health to learn more about preventing cancer. The study, CPS-3, will enable researchers to look at lifestyle, environmental and genetic factors which may be involved in causing or preventing cancer.

The launch of the study was addressed in West Orange at the Barnabas Health Headquarters, with the CEO and President of Barnabas Health, Barry H. Ostrowsky, addressing the audience. The president of each Barnabas Health facility attended the event to hear about the significance and importance of the cancer study. Dr. Fred Jacobs, the previous State Commissioner of Health, and Frank Mascia, the executive vice president for the American Cancer Society, were also present at the event.

Barnabas Health is the largest healthcare provider in New Jersey and, according to Ostrowsky, the society is pleased to do all it can to help with the study. He further added that this was an opportunity to gain an insight into how cancer may be prevented.

New Jersey residents are welcome to enroll at any Barnabas Health Center in the state. For volunteers to be accepted, they must not have had a cancer diagnosis and be aged between 30 and 65. It is possible that local flyer printing services have been employed to recruit around 300,000 willing volunteers from across America.