Local ice cream festival has the opposition licked

July 25, 2013 by  

The New Jersey State Ice Cream Festival, which took place recently, has been listed among the top 50 food festivals held around the U.S. by Parade magazine.

The festival was held on July 16 at Toms River for the ninth year. Assemblymen James W. Holzapfel and David W. Wolfe, together with the State Senator of New Jersey Andrew R. Ciesla, have honored the event with a Joint Legislative Resolution. This year, 10 ice cream parlors took part in the contest.

Unsurprisingly, the highlight of the festival is the tasting of the ice cream. Although admission to the festival was free of charge, the tasting kit that came with the event had a small charge. Participants walk around and take a small sample of ice cream from each participating booth and taste them all. Following this, votes are placed for the samplers’ favorite ice cream of the year.

The ice cream tasting kits can be purchased from a variety of outlets in Toms River, or by mail or telephone order. The annual ice cream festival has been made possible once again thanks to support from a number of local businesses, including two radio stations and local gas and water providers.

Although the festival has been taking place for nine years, promotion is still necessary and it is likely that local poster printing services have been called for. The annual event is supported by a number of local venues, including a local print company.