Charity begins near home for Toms River theater fans

February 27, 2014 by  

‘Sweet Charity’ is currently being performed by the Ocean Professional Theatre Company, with today being the final day of its showing.

The performance offers a poignant, tender, and hilarious look at the mixed adventures of Charity Hope Valentine, a dime a dance employee. Brochure printing and poster printing may have been the methods chosen to advertise this comedy performance to residents throughout the area.

The production tells the story of a young Charity, who is a dancer at the Fandango Ballroom in the City of New York. She has a tattoo on her left arm and gradually meets her boyfriend, Charlie, while strolling through Central Park.

Charlie, however, turns out to be dishonest and steals her handbag before pushing her into a lake, while people passing by discuss the event but do nothing to assist. Eventually, Charity quits the ballroom and steps out to find the good in people. Later she meets another nice man, but cannot bring herself to tell him she dances at the hall and, at this point, the humor takes over and the story continues to unfold.

Tickets for this performance cost $35 per adult and $20 for children under the age of 12. Sweet Charity is on stage at the Ocean First Stafford Township Art Center located at 1000 McKinley Avenue in Manahawkin, New Jersey, just a few minutes from Toms River. To reserve tickets for this production, visit the location’s website or call 609-312-8306.