New Jersey transit system plans upgrade

January 29, 2012 by  

Most people know that one does not have to be overweight to feel cramped on a train seat. This is especially true for those who are riding home during rush hour traffic. So it may come as a relief to commuters that New Jersey transit is planning on making its seats wider.

The company has a five year plan which hopes to add 100 double decker train cars to the system. These cars will have seats which are 2.2 inches wider than the regular 17.55 inch seats which are found in single deck trains.

It is no secret that Americans are putting on weight. However, this is the first time that a transport agency is doing something to accommodate larger frames. This is a move that is likely to be received positively by the public. In the past airlines tried to charge larger passengers for two seats. This action drew significant criticism from the public.

Modern, spacious trains are an asset to trains companies. Many people perceive public transport to be bothersome and uncomfortable. This perception can be altered with the use of a strategic marketing campaign. One of the simplest ways of getting word out about the new trains is by using printing services to create flyers. These flyers can then be handed out to people on the street. Those who are interested in the new trains will try them when they get a chance. At first the new trains will be running in selected townships. However, it is inevitable that they will run to areas such as Northvale and Somerville in the future.