Delta Dental awarding grants to NJ schools

May 28, 2012 by  

The Delta Dental of New Jersey Foundation is accepting applications for dental grants up until June 18, 2012. These grants are designed to combat poor oral hygiene in under-served areas. The foundation believes that bad dental health can be a hidden barrier to learning.

The grants are available to elementary and charter schools within specified regions of NJ. The foundation sent applications to superintendents and principals and schools who are approved are encouraged to create an oral health education program for children.

Most schools have several topics and projects in which they would like their students to get involved. However, most of them are in a position whey they need to raise funds in order to be able to do this, as they do not have extensive budgets at their disposal. Applying for grants is a viable alternative for many schools, though.

Schools can apply for a range of grants but many schools do not know these grants exists, perhaps due to limited publicity. Companies who are willing to donate funds to schools may want to put together a promotional package regarding their charity work. Businesses can contact a printing company to do this. Once the package has been completed, it can be sent to schools in New Jersey towns like Somerville. When a school has won a grant, the company can promote it on their website and in print. Many businesses have found that donating money to charity has improved their sales, largely because consumers are increasingly keen to deal with businesses that have a social conscience.