Crystal clear reasons to enjoy theater this weekend

December 20, 2013 by  

Crystal and the Christmas Snowman is a show aimed at a young audience coming to the area this weekend, although it is one that the whole family is likely to enjoy. Part of the Kidsvill series, Brochure printers have probably been called upon printing to promote this seasonal production to people in this community, as is often the case for shows like this.

In the show, Lauren, a small child, is unhappy to be spending Christmas with her father, his wife and her stepmother, and the stepmother’s evil children. Yet, soon into the tale, a little help appears from a snow angel named Crystal and a special snowman named Foster, who comes to live and could possibly be related to the other famous snowman, Frosty.

As the story progresses, Lauren learns all about how important family really is in her life. During this fable, Santa Claus and a weatherman from TV offer the girl some advice and add some fun that will no doubt bring good cheer and a special heartwarming holiday story with a fantastic ending.

Tickets are $10 per adult, senior, and student. Crystal and the Christmas Snowman will be performed on Saturday, December 21, at 12:00 pm at the Villagers Theatre located at 425 Demott Lane in Somerset, New Jersey, just a short drive from Somerville. To purchase tickets or check the performance schedule for other possible dates, please visit the Villagers Theatre website or call the box office during normal hours.