Weekend to see first U.S. showing of animation

March 21, 2014 by  

Secaucus residents only have to travel a few miles to see North America’s premier showing of ‘Giovanni’s Island’ comes to NYC this weekend, and this in fact will be the first time it is being shown outside Japan.

The film has subtitles and tells the true story about two young brothers that live on a remote island, which is forever changed after World War II. Brochure printing and poster printing were most likely used by the organizers to advertise this premier.

In the film, the brothers Campanella and Giovanni live like true free spirits on their island home. They spend endless hours dreaming about adventures and chasing each other over the beach cliffs. This all changes when the Red Army occupies their small island and they suddenly have a new neighbor; a golden haired woman named Tanya, who is the daughter of the current Soviet Commander. After this, the children bond and learn about each other’s music, language, and cuisines.

This is an animated film with a symphonic score, and it deals with the aftereffects of the war by focusing on family and home.

This film is recommended for 12+ and tickets vary in price. Giovanni’s Island will be shown on Saturday, March 22, beginning at 6:45 pm at the SVA Theatre located at 333 W 23rd Street in New York City. To find out more, please visit the theater’s website.