Secaucus celebrates diversity through education and heritage

May 29, 2013 by  

Taking place in just over a week, the ‘Gardne State International Heritage Festival’ is part of the Garden State International Heritage Festive celebration about the diversity of the community, as well as schools offering a curriculum-rich program that focuses on a multi-sensory experience.

This is a project by the Bergen/Passaic Arts and Science Charter Schools. Stationery printing, poster printing, and flyer printing, as well as other printing services, are probably still being used to promote this event to families in the area.

This is the second annual event and features students from Kindergarten through to Grade 10 from the three schools in the area. It forms part of the social studies educational programming and is based on improving society and engaged learning.

Through this festival, students and guests will find a great way to explore cultural diversity, social activities, and global awareness. They will have the opportunity to interact with other peers, discover new outlooks, and explore the various cultures present in the world. These schools believe the students’ backgrounds should be recognized and celebrated, as every culture has its own unique features and education is the best way for them to understand one another.

The festival is free to attend and will take place on Saturday, June 8, at the Meadowlands Exposition Center in Secaucus, New Jersey. For additional information, or to check out the festival schedule, please visit the Garden State International Festival website or call the toll free number at 888-400-3976.