One woman show to be performed at Secaucus library

February 28, 2012 by  

Seasoned performer Naomi Miller will perform a free show at the Secaucus Library on February 26 at 2pm. The show is entitled “Love, Marriage, Children and Liposuction.” and is a comedy. The event is being hosted by Friends of the Library. This organization is committed to promoting the educational and cultural offerings of the library.

Currently many libraries feel that they are in danger. This is a result of people getting their information online. Students no longer need to get a book when they are studying. Consumers also purchase books for very low rates on websites such as Amazon. This has led to a decline in visitors.

However, many people use the library for reasons other than reading a book. Parents bring their children to libraries to socialize with other kids at reading events. Seniors also use the computer facilities to improve their technical skills. Theater events like the one woman show are also becoming very popular.

Holding events at libraries is beneficial for both artists and the library. Performers can use these events to promote themselves. An expensive way of marketing events is using printing services to create brochures and other advertising materials. Actors will find that these brochures will attract more people to their event. Libraries will benefit as locals will become more reliant on the library for cultural events. Government funded businesses with a lot of local support have a stronger chance of sticking around in the long term.