Life size dinosaurs coming to Secaucus, New Jersey

December 28, 2011 by  

A new science exhibit in Secaucus, New Jersey will house 30 full-sized, animated dinosaurs. They will be housed in an outdoor, educational attraction which will be open from May to late November. Officials hope that the park will draw in 300,000 visitors annually.

Currently the target market for this dinosaur park is families and children in New Jersey. However the park’s close proximity to New York means that both New York residents and international tourists will be able to access the park. New York residents without a car will also be able to get to the park easily as it is a 15 minute walk from the train station.

During a football game, one of the dinosaurs headed out to the train station to greet fans. Startled commuters were able to see the dinosaur walk and chase people. This was an excellent way to get the word out about this attraction. However organizers will need to put together a traditional marketing campaign.

As this park is very unique, it will be able to draw in a large amount of visitors. This is provided that people know that it exists. The best way to promote a park like this is to use traditional marketing methods such as television, radio and printing services. Doing this will ensure that a large amount of people hear about the park. As there are very few parks like this in the world, many will be prepared to travel long distances to see it.