Hudson County Chamber gives Secaucus professionals options

July 23, 2012 by  

Members of Secaucus’ business community have a couple of choices available to them with the Hudson County Chamber of Commerce hosting a total of three workshops in the coming weeks.

As most business owners are aware, the best clients are the ones that require repeated business. Simply due to its constant use of resources, the government is a reliable customer at all levels. On both August 1 and 15, ‘How to Do Business with Hudson County’ looks to help company decision-makers sort out the logistics of becoming a government contractor. With the first of these free seminars being hosted in Union City and the next expected to take place in North Bergen, Secaucus-based professionals can pick and choose based on whatever is most convenient for them.

Going from 9:00 am to 12:00 pm on both occasions in any case, there are plenty of incentives for local entrepreneurs to consider giving the seminar a chance. The morning schedule should fit nicely into people’s plans and, with representatives from several Hudson County Divisions presenting, the sheer amount of content and networking opportunities ensure that these seminars are worth a second look.

Meanwhile, there can be no question that social media, digital business cards , and technology in general have made it possible for businesses to manage clients more efficiently while also keeping sensitive information away from prying eyes. Using examples from the movie “Total Recall”, eMazzanti Technologies will look to separate the facts from the popular misconceptions that are so prevalent in fiction. Also free to attend, the availability of online registration makes it even easier to sign up for this August 8 session.