A pair of presentations on offer tomorrow

June 25, 2012 by  

Secaucus professionals have a couple of options open to them with at least two workshops taking place tomorrow.

Things get interesting tomorrow morning, June 26, with the Greater New York Chamber of Commerce hosting a seminar which has been going under the title “Learn How to Benefit from the Affordable Care Act.” Starting at 10:00 am and expected to last for just half an hour, business owners have every reason to consider keeping attending. As many entrepreneurs are probably already aware, the new law has provided consumers with more choices as far as their health care needs are concerned. Since small businesses owners in particular have unique needs when it comes to insurance coverage, local professionals stand to gain quite a bit from being present at this one.

Free for both chamber members and guests, this is win-win proposition for anyone who wants to learn more about how the provisions of the Affordable Care Act can be used to gain tax credits, as well as information on what insurance plans are available to entrepreneurs.

More than sorting out what new concepts to use in that latest campaign or figuring out what other printing services to ask of brochure printers, a manger’s mental state is also an important part of being successful here. Through “Staying Optimistic in a Volatile Market,” Maureen Furlong of Ameriprise financial Services, Inc. hopes to shed some light on the issues. Also taking place tomorrow, at 6:00 pm, this free event is expected to feature a ton of practical information.